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If you are not part of the media landscape, there is a great chance that you have not yet heard of IPTV. But you have probably been using it for many years.


It is also possible that you will want to use it more in the future. The IPTV system is growing at a tremendous speed, with massive new providers and services emerging alongside traditional TV providers with more IPTV offerings.


But what is an IPTV system? What does IPTV mean? How does IPTV system work? How can you use it to improve your wonderful TV viewing experience?


We now have the answers to know what IPTV is and how you can use it.


What is IPTV?

Let’s start now with the basics. Let’s find out together what exactly is IPTV?


IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol Television”. “IP” is the same as your IP address or VoIP (Voice over IP). All this makes clear that all TV programs are communicated using the Internet Protocol system.


To now know what this means, you need to know a little bit of information about how non-IPTV works. With cable or satellite television, broadcasters send signals and viewers are received – you can only watch what is being broadcast. Unless you have a special kind of recording device, you don’t have to dictate what plays and when. All you need is to listen when you can watch what is available.


IPTV is a somewhat different system with its powerful features. Instead of transmitting content via light pulses in a fiber-optic cable or radio waves from the satellite in the traditional way we know it, the IPTV system sends shows and movies directly through your standard Internet connection system. (It may be used over a cable or satellite internet connection, but it is completely independent of the one that normally carries your TV signals.)


Whereas, rather than having a limited set of shows broadcast according to a specific system and schedule, most IPTVs use video-on-demand (VOD) or time-changing media.


There is some slightly complicated network architecture behind all of this which makes it work well and stable, including quite a lot of converting these encoders from well-known traditional signals to IP-friendly ones. But the important thing now is that you don’t have to watch a limited thing that is just not broadcasting. You can even tell the purchased service provider what you want to watch, and they will send it to you right away.


If you’ve ever used a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, that’s the same idea system, but here the system will be with TV rather than syndicated movies or shows.


How does IPTV system work?

There are three different IPTV formats each with their own advantages. We’ll look at each one separately and explain its characteristics.


Video On Demand (VOD)

It means that the video will be streamed on the demand chosen which is exactly what it looks like; You get a video whenever you ask for it. Movie streaming sites are the ones that specialize in this in addition to being a VOD service provider. There is no specific time limit to what you can watch (other than the rights issue the service currently enjoys).


You tell the service what it’s asking to watch, send it to you online, and watch it. very simple.


Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video are very popular and popular examples of VOD services.


Media that changes over time

If you have watched what is called “catch up TV” then you are very familiar with this specialized type of IPTV. Many of these broadcast networks now allow users to watch all the shows they missed when they had the time to do so.


The important difference between this time-changing media and VOD is that the content shared with you has a limited shelf life and expires after that. You can’t then go back and watch an episode of a show that you missed several years ago (well, you can, but it’s VOD after that).


IPlayer from the BBC platform is one of the most popular and used services in the industry that provides data transmission media.


(If you thought that on-demand videos and changing media over time seemed to be somewhat the same, then you’d be right. It’s mostly just about the exact time you can watch a show after it airs.)



Just like live TV, you can also watch all live shows on IPTV. Many sports loving people watch all sporting events in this way and it also provides broadcasts of all live shows to live TV.


But unlike broadcasting via the Internet instead of the traditional well-known TV media, IPTV Live TV is very similar to regular TV. The difference is that you can watch it over the Internet.


These popular platforms offer Serum: FOX Sports Go, CBS Sports HQ, Hulu Live TV, and Sling TV Live TV broadcasting service over the Internet.

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